sara rehnmark
3 month old Rufus, Brian and Sara in Malibu (first beach visit for Ruf!)


Who:  Rufus or Ruf for short

What:  I’m a 4 year old Pharaoh Hound

How Big:  I weigh 67 lbs, and I'm 27.5 inches high (at the shoulder)

Tell Me More:  I like spaz outs, playing at the beach and sleeping.  I can put my own cone on, I smile on command (and when I’m happy) and I sneeze when I smile too much (ACHOO!).  My mom takes pics and videos of me and I get treats. 

Why:  My mom hopes these photos and videos make you smile as big as I do.

What Do People Think I Am:  Kangaroo (by a 2 year old, I do see the resemblance!), Deer, Vizsla, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Greyhound, Doberman, Ibizan Hound.

Do you have nicknames?  Why, yes... yes I do.  I'm not real sure how some of these became nicknames, but here we go:  Rubix the Cubix, Luther, Tuesday Morning, Rufie, Roofers, Scoobers, Scooby Doo, Ruby Tuesday, Pups... and so on...

notice my nose is a little askew sniffing the Great Outdoors :P

FAST FACTS About Pharaoh Hounds:

one of the oldest domesticated dog breeds
from Malta
bred to hunt rabbits
sight hound
white tip on the tail
born with floppy ears, they stand up on their own as they grow up
eyes, nose and coat are the same color
blush when excited
smile when happy
sweet, happy to please
very smart
couch potatoes indoors
love to run and they are fassst - can run 30 mph
high jumpers - can jump a 6 foot fence

They are a wonderful breed, but are definitely for experienced dog owners onlyI take dog ownership seriously... dogs need a lot of attention and love.  My husband and I did a lot of research before getting our puppy and made sure that this breed was the right fit for us.  We think it’s very important to find the right dog whether it is a rescue or from a breeder.  Different breeds have different needs.  Rufus gets tons of walks (at least 2 long walks a day), lots of playtime, hikes and we also teach him a lot of tricks (smart dogs get bored if they are not challenged).
Sara Rehnmark
3 month old Rufus


Who:  Sara Rehnmark

What: dog photographer, actress and model.

Equipment: Nikon D7000, and a ladder!

Why: I think my dog is hilarious.  He’s been a goofball ever since he was a puppy.  I take pictures and videos of Rufus because he CRACKS me up and makes me smile!!!  I hope he’ll crack you up too.  :)

Tell Me More:  Rufus brings us joy and makes us smile, big time. I can be having a bad day and then I look over at Rufus and he's looking all goofy with his lips stuck on his gums (Like Jim Carrey's Fireman Marshall Bill)… and I can't help but laugh.

Where: I live in sunny Santa Monica, CA with my hilarious writer/producer husband Brian and our 4 year old Pharaoh Hound Rufus.

Where are you from:  I grew up in beautiful Skaneateles, NY with my wonderful parents, older sister and older brother.  We grew up with Dalmatians, Kiri and Nikki, and a Poodle-Mix, Puffy.  Our family is Swedish and we spent our summers at our summer house in Northern Sweden.

Rufus, Brian and I cross-country skiing in Lake Tahoe

smiling dog
If I smile too long, I sneeze.  ACHOOO!

SO... follow us and have a few SMILES with us!


  1. It was such a pleasure to meet you and your human family. You are a very nice doggie and you were born to smile.

  2. it was such a pleasure to meet you!! :)

  3. Hey Sara, what a beautiful Hound..! There so few Pharaohs kicking about that not many people really get to experience just how fantastic having one in your life can be. I loved all the photos & wish you many, many happy days together x. Here is one of Rufus' cousins, my (not so) little Ronnie...


    She lights up my life every day& we send you both our love. Thank you for the beautiful pictures xx

    1. Hey Tom,
      Thank you for your kind words!! You're right, there really aren't many Pharaohs around and they are truly a treat to own. Such unique personalities, like no other breed I've known! It's so fun to see how similar they are! I loved looking at your website with photos of Ronnie. What a beauty. She looks so sweet and it looks like she's had some great adventures! There were some pictures on there that really made me think of Rufus! I loved the video of the two pups playing at the beach... hilarious that they all play the same way (punch punch, airbite airbite). Awe, and the swollen lip! And her poor foot... good thing they are so resilient. I know exactly how you feel... Rufus really does light up my life. I can be having a bad day and then I look over at Rufus and he's looking all goofy with his lips stuck on his gums (Like Jim Carrey's Fireman Marshall Bill) and I can't help but crack up laughing. Thank you for sending your link and for reaching out!!!

  4. I visited Santa Monica two months ago. Would love to see Ruf on the rooftop patio of Sonoma Wine Garden, surveying his kingdom (while enjoying a cheese plate with a glass of Moet, or perhaps a Merlot?).

    1. Haha! We'll see if we can fit it in Ruf's schedule. ;)

  5. The pictures of Ruf made me smile. Thanks for brightening my wintery day!

    1. Awe, so happy we made you smile! Hang in there...!

  6. Awesome! Rufus is such a good sport. You should make a calendar, I would definitely buy it! Keep the pictures coming!

    1. awe, thank you for the sweet words Mary! :D I love that people are having so much fun with these pictures. We have had some other people suggest a calendar too.. I think we may have to make one!!

  7. I truly enjoyed the pictures! You are a very talented, beautiful young lady and I enjoyed the story about Ruf and you! I am still laughing at how funny the pictures are! I have a Weimaraner and he is a complete goofball. Like you, we did a lot of research to make sure the breed was the right fit for us. I look forward to following you on Facebook! Thank you for making me laugh!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Susan!! We are so happy that these pictures made you laugh. :) Oh- I love Weimaraners.. they are so majestic looking. And you've got a majestic Weimaraner that's a goofball... bonus!!
      I'm so happy about your comment that you did lots of research before getting a pup... so important!!
      Thank you for following us.. we look forward to making you laugh again and again!

  8. I found your blog on a friend's Facebook page, and found them "laugh out loud" funny! Thanks so much for your creative talent bringing a smile to my day. :-)

  9. Hola Sara, saludos desde Caracas (Venezuela):

    Las fotografías de Ruf simplemente están magníficas....!!!!


  10. En sån skön lirare du har där :-D log mig igenom morgonkaffet. Jag har en 6-årig salukipojke, Dahrius, som jag älskar gränslöst.

    1. Åhhh - tack så mycket!!! Och va kul att höra att mina bilder fick dig till att le! :) Ooo ja, jag förstår precis hur du känner dig... jag älskar min lilla hund gränslöst också! Jag älskar Salukis, dom ser så väldigt elegant ut!!

  11. Sara: I had the pleasure of sitting next to Brian on a plane today returning from a business trip via Atlanta. I rarely talk to my seat mate as I tend to just read and unwind. But, Brian and I got to talking and I was so entertained with pictures of Rufus and his myriad of tricks. I'm so inspired that something you did for fun, turned into something that brings such joy to so many people. Give Rufus a hug for me.

    1. Hi Jamie!
      Awe, you are so sweet!! It has been a lot of fun, and I'm so happy that other people are entertained too. ;) Brian was telling me about meeting you on the plane, and all the funny, random similarities you had! Haha! Rufus gives you a hug back and a kiss (if you want it.). Thank you for the lovely compliments!

  12. I haven't seen anything about Rufus lately, is he doing OK?

  13. Hi Sara! I've had Pharaohs since 1986. Who was your breeder? So fun to see your pharaoh pictures--great job. My current bitch plays in agility, rally, obedience and lure coursing. It's a great breed, but yes, not for all. Keep up those great pix! Rachel


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